Mike Exarchos (Greek: Μιχάλης Έξαρχος) (born 1978 in Piraeus, Greece), known professionally by his stage name Stereo Mike, is an MTV EMA Award-winning Greek hip hop–rap artist for Best Greek Act. He is the first MTV EMA winner in the new category of Best Greek Act which came into effect with MTV’s 2008 regional launch in Greece. The MTV EMAs also nominated him for Greece in the category of Europe’s Favourite Act for 2008.


Exarchos was born in 1978 in Piraeus, Greece. At 18 his music interest brought him to London for education in the field. In the next four years he managed to obtain two degrees: a bachelor of science in music technology and a master of arts in audio production. During his studies, Mike worked as chief sound engineer at Vault Recording Studios in Hackney, London, where he worked with top British hip hop artists like Klashnekoff, Skinnyman, Taskforce, Foreign Beggars, Iceberg Slim and Mike GLC.

Exarchos also worked as in-house producer at British AMG Records, which led him to his first recording contract as “Stereo Mike” with AMG’s hip-hop sub label Mo’ Money Recording$. Within two years he composed and produced his debut album while accepting a postgraduate lecturing position at London’s University of Westminster teaching music production. He released his debut album in Greece titled Satirical Nomads by Mo’ Money Recording$ under license to Universal Music Greece. The album produced the anti-racism hip-hop anthem “O Allos Babis” and groundbreaking remix “I Polis”. He then signed to EMI for his second album titled XLI3H, which is leet for the Greek word “Εξέλιξη” meaning Evolution. He is currently doing research work towards a PhD in music whilst being active as an Apple Certified Trainer.

Stereo Mike has also been nominated at the Mad Video Music Awards in 2005 for Best Hip-Hop Video, in 2008 for Best Hip-Hop Video and Best Video Of The Year, and in 2009 for Best Hip-Hop Video and Male Artist Of The Year.

* 2004: Satirical Nomads
* 2007: XLI3H

Satirical Nomads:
* 2004: “O Allos Babis”
* 2004: “I Polis”
2005 Mad Video Music Awards:
* 2005: “Pump It/Misirlou cover”, ft. Eleni Tsaligopoulou, Lagnis & Shaya
* 2007: “Fevgo”, ft. Haris Alexiou
* 2007: “Des Kathara (Face à la Mer cover)”, ft. Andrianna Babali
* 2008: “Anagnorisi”, ft. Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra, Lagnis & Moixos24
* 2009: “Peraia Mou”
2008 Mad Video Music Awards:
* 2008: “S’ Opoion Aresei (Dan Sonra)”, ft. Tamta
* 2008: “Piase Me”, ft. Eleni Tsaligopoulou
* 2009: “Peraia Mou”


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